Knipex 71 32 200 8" Bolt Cutters Spring Return with Handle Lock Comfort Grips

$59.46 $95.98


Knipex 71 32 200 Compact Bolt Cutters (CoBolt) are the same as 71 31 200 with the addition return sping, handle lock and dual component comfort grips. Knipex 71 32 200 Bolt Cutters Lever Action provides exceptional cutting performance with little effort for piano wire, soft solid wire, bolts, nails, chain link fence, rivets and screws. Vanadium electric steel, forged and oil hardened. Inductive hardened edges provide 64HRc edge hardness. Recess (notch) in the blade allows for easier cutting of thicker wires.

Knipex 71 32 200 Compact Bolt Cutters; Cuts 6mm Soft Wire, 5.2mm Nails and Medium Hard Wire, 4mm Hard Wire and 3.6mm Piano Wire. Return Spring with Handle Lock. Two Component Comfort Grip Length: 8" (200mm) Made in Germany

Knipex 71 32 200, 7132200, 7132-200 CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutters with Recessed Notch, Return Spring and Handle Lock.

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