Knipex 81 11 250 Siphon and Connector Soft Jaw Pliers now with Wider Multi-Component Softer Jaw Inserts

$69.44 $105.40


Knipex 81 11 250 Pipe Gripping Pliers with exchangeable plastic jaws for sensitive surfaces up to 80mm

Now with wider multi-component softer jaw inserts.

25 position adjustments allows full range capacity from 3/8" to 3-1/8".

Great for Cannon Plugs, Connector Plugs, AN Electrical connectors, plated pipe and fittings, camera lenses, etc...anywhere you do not want to mar or damage surfaces.

  • For siphons, oil filters, plastic pipes and connectors up to 80 mm diameter
  • Fine adjustment for ideal adjustment to diverse diameters
  • Robust, heavy duty
  • Ideal for tightening and loosening siphon screw connections, plastic pipe fittings and round union nuts
  • For connectors and couplings with screw connection, such as Cannon circular connectors
  • For gentle loosening of hoses on nozzles and filter cartridges
  • 25-way adjustable box joint
  • Ergonomic handle geometry
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened

Made in Germany.

Replacement inserts new multi-component Knipex 81 19 250 V02

Replacement inserts original version Knipex 81 19 250 V01

Knipex 8111250, 8111-250 Siphon and Connector Soft Jaw Pliers.

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