Ark ARK379 Retractable Snap-Off Cutter with Metal Inner Casing and Soft Grip

$5.79 $8.32


Ark ARK379 retractable snap-off cutter with soft grip

Excellent quality with a metal blade casing for extra strength.

This is the same knife we used in our shipping department until the Knipex 90 10 165 CutiX arrived. The ARK379 is a great value and performs well.

Includes one 0.7-inch (18mm) blade featuring 14+1 cutting edges that are double-ground for superior sharpness.

Universal size fits most 0.7-inch (18mm) snap-off replacement blades.

Made in Turkey

Ark ARK379  Box Cutter, Retractable Knife, Utility Knife, Snap Blade Box Knife, Snap-Off Utility Knife, Safety Box Cutter.


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