Atrix VACO22VESD Omega Cordless ESD Vacuum

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Atrix VACO22VESD Omega Cordless ESD vacuum is an excellent immediate containment option for cleaning static sensitive equipment such as computers, copiers, printers, data centers, ATM’s, gaming, banking, robotic and telecom applications.

Includes Permanently Attached Heavy Duty Filter Plug and Built-In Full Filter Indicator Light

Comes complete as shown with 22 Volt Battery (30+ minute run time), Battery Charger (1 hour) with 3 Cords: USA, Euro, and UK,

10' stretch hose w/10mm Male Stud, tubular wand, crevice tool, shoulder strap and cartridge filter for toner, color toner, dirt, and dust.

In addition we have included 2 plugs for inserting in hose for cleaner storage.

Hose, and all attachments store neatly in vacuum lid.


Cordless and quiet (67 dB) with its 22 Volt DC Brushless Digital Motor and full-filter indicator light. The brushless digital motor has 30 minute run time and 1 hour rechargeable battery


As strong as the corded version with its 190-Watt cleaning power


ESD Safe hose, utensils and ground cord to safely drain damaging static voltages to ground


Servicing and cleaning static sensitive equipment, i.e. computers, copiers, printers, data centers, ATM’s, gaming, banking, robotics, telecomm and other areas where electrical outlets are scarce or where corded vacuums are cumbersome, time consuming or a safety hazard.

One year limited warranty.

Made in U.S.A.

Atrix VACO22VESD includes:

 Atrix VACO22VESD Omega Cordless ESD Safe Vacuum Immediate Containment Fine Filtration Vacuum

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