Crawford 52-G258SE110 Premium Copier Tool Kit w/ Ultimate Gladiator 8" Tool Case + Atrix Omega Supreme Plus Vacuum

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Crawford 52-G258SE110 combines our Premium Copier Tool Kit# 52-G258  with Atrix VACOSE110 Omega Supreme Plus Vacuum

Crawford Premium Copier Tool Kit - 52-G258 Includes a complete collection of top quality tools for servicing copiers and business machines.

All hand tools carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Also available in other case configuration options:

Brands included:

3M, Bondhus, Channellock, Crawford, Durston (VIM), Vise-Grip, Wiha and Felo brand German precision screwdrivers.

All the above tools come neatly installed in our G256-YZ Ultimate Gladiator 6” Tool Case

G256-YZ Ultimate Gladiator Tool Case 6" (18" x 13" x 6") is built to withstand years of every day field service

Atrix VACOSE110 Field Service Vacuum Cleaner is an upgraded version of their popular VACOMEGAS model Omega Supreme Electronic Vacuum Cleaner.

Model VACOSE110 adds an EMI/RFI suppressor for reducing power line noise while working around today's high-tech electronic equipment.

Also includes a longer hose and extra attachments (dusting brush and pin point needle nozzle etc.) for added versatility.

Comes complete as shown with 10' stretch hose, tubular wand, crevice tool, dusting brush, needle nose nozzle, shoulder strap and cartridge filter for toner, color toner, dirt, and dust.

In addition we have included 2 plugs for inserting in hose for cleaner storage.

Hose, cord and all attachments store neatly in vacuum lid.

Atrix VACOSE110 Field Service Electronics Vacuum is a self-contained unit that is designed for high efficiency cleanup of most business equipment, including removing toner and dust.

Portability, quick setup and efficient safe operation are key features.

This vacuum meets the high demands of everyday field service with a proven track record of high efficiency and long life.

Vacuum housing, hose and attachments quickly dissipate static charge making it invaluable in today's electronics marketplace.

Atrix VACOSE110 is 15% more powerful than SCS/3M 497 Series Vacuum, also significantly quieter.

Three year warranty.

Made in U.S.A.

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