Crawford Tool 8046E Super 5-in-1 Wire Crimper/Stripper Wire Crimping Tool for 22 to 10 AWG Terminals

$19.79 $28.75


Crawford Tool 8046E Super 5 in 1 Wire Crimper and Stripper.

Cuts and strips wire, crimps both insulated and non insulated terminals, shears bolts and narrow plier nose for pulling and twisting wire, bending loops, working with small nuts, etc.

Wire sizes 22 to 10 AWG (.75 to 6mm).

Threaded bolt shears clean and cut six popular electrical/electronic bolts, 4-50, 5-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, and 10-24.

Also crimps 7 and 8 mm ignition terminals.

Overall Length: 8-1/4".

Sizes and Work station information are embossed in steel and pad printed for high visibility. 

Made in U.S.A.

Crawford Tool 8046E Wire Crimping Tool, Wire Crimper, Terminal Crimper, Wire Stripper, Super 5-in-1 Wire Crimper-Stripper

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