Felo 51395 Swift Box Universal 6 Piece Torx Bit & Magnetholder - Torx T10, T15, T20, T25, T30, T40

$11.39 $17.04


Felo 51395 Swift Box Universal Torx Bit Set with 6 High Quality Bits and Magnetic Bit Holder

All sizes at one glance

Easy selection of bits by pick and pull (one-handed operation)

All components are neatly organized in a storage case that also doubles as a handle.


  • Felo 30850 Magnetic 1/4" Bit Holder with Extra Strong Magnet
  • Felo 30957 Torx T10 Bit
  • Felo 30959 Torx T15 Bit
  • Felo 30961 Torx T20 Bit
  • Felo 30963 Torx T25 Bit
  • Felo 30965 Torx T30 Bit
  • Felo 30967 Torx T40 Bit


Felo 51395, 40 07 157 51395 3, 020 603 16 Swift Box with Torx Bits

Also available: Felo 51923 Swift Box Universal 6 Piece Bit & Magnetholder - Phillips, Slotted, Torx

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