Felo 63781 High Leverage Diagonal Cutters 7" Heavy Duty Side Cutters

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Felo 63781 (5911840) Heavy Duty High Leverage 7” Diagonal Cutters

Precision cutting edge for piano wire, mattress springs, bailing wire, bolts, nails, rivets, hard wire and similar materials.

Ergonomically shaped handles have triple component grips that provide a firm but comfortable grip as you work.

SystemSocket built into handles for holding optional accessories, e.g. the easily attached SystemClip for fall protection.

Made of special tool steel, forged and oil-hardened

Cutting edges inductively hardened.

Cutting edge hardness 60/64 HRC.

Made in Germany.

Felo 63781, 591 118 40 High Leverage 7” Diagonal Cutter, Heavy Duty Side Cutter 7"

Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7”

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