Knipex 00 11 01 Control Cabinet Key TwinKey

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Knipex 00 11 01 TwinKey for all standard control cabinets and shut-off systems in the supply of gas, water and electricity.

8-arm version: 2 4-way wheel wrenches connected in a space-saving way using magnets.

Multifunctional tool for the actuation of locking systems from the areas of facilities engineering (heating and sanitation, air-conditioning, electrotechnology), gas and water supply and shut-off systems

Length: 2-2/4"

Made in Germany

Knipex 00 11 01 TwinKey Control Cabinet Key includes: Square 5/6 - 7/8 - 9/10 & 11mm, Triangular 7 - 8/9 - 10/11 & 12mm, Male Square Steps 6,7,8 & 9mm, Reversible Bit Slot 7mm & Phillips #2. Wrench and reversible bit joined by stable stainless steel wire.

Knipex 00 11 01, 001101, 0011-01 TwinKey Control Cabinet Key, shut off tool

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