Knipex 00 19 56 US Internal/External Circlip (Retaining Ring) Pliers Set 4411J2, 4421J21, 4611A2, 4621A21

$85.30 $136.30


Includes: 2 Internal 90° and 2 External 90° Retaining Ring Pliers

  • KN 44 21 J01 Internal .035" Tips bent 90° (Bore sizes 8-13mm)
  • KN 44 21 J21 Internal .070" Tips bent 90°(Bore sizes 19-60mm)
  • KN 46 21 A01 External .035" Tips bent 90° (Shaft sizes 3-10mm Dia.)
  • KN 46 21 A21 External .070" Tips bent 90°(Shaft sizes 19-60mm Dia.)
  • Includes Premium Quality Tool Roll.

Knipex Circlip Pliers for retaining rings, circlips, snap rings etc... Solid style, forged. Non-slip, solid tips. Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged and oil-hardened. External pliers 46 21 A01 and 46 21 A21 include return spring. Knipex 46 21 A01 have fine tips that close completely together for small retaining rings found in copiers, fax machines, printers etc.. Made in Germany.

Knipex 001956

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