Knipex 00 20 08 US2 Long Nose, Diagonal Cutter, and Cobra Pliers 3-Piece Tool Set

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Knipex 00 20 08 US2 Universal Pliers Set with Cobra Pliers Set contains

Knipex 10" Cobra Pliers with 2" Jaw Capacity 87 01 250

Knipex 8" Long Nose Pliers with Cutters 26 11 200

Knipex 8"  High Leverage Angled Diagonal Cutters 74 21 200


Knipex 87 01 250 10" Cobra Pliers provide instant push button adjustment directly on the work piece.

Jaw capacity 2" with 25 different locking positions allows fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different size work pieces.

Single handed, self gripping operation with a grip that wont' let go.

Eliminates "knuckle-busting" and the "burring" of nuts, bolts and fittings.

Its light weight and thin profile ensure ease of operation.

Comfortable gripping position, self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece, requires low hand force.

Gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth, teeth hardness approx. 61 HRC: low wear and reliable gripping box-joint design.

Double guide provides high stability and reliable catching of the hinge bolt: no unintentional shifting.

Pinch guard prevents operators´ fingers from being pinched.

Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened.

Made in Germany.

Knipex 26 11 200 8" Mechanics Long Nose Pliers with straight,

half-round long jaws and built in side cutters.

Slim precision tips withstand high demands, particularly bending loads.

Serrated gripping surfaces.

Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 61 HRC.

Made of Chrome Vanadium electric steel, forged and oil-hardened. 

Knipex 26 11 200 dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 8" (200mm)
  • Jaw Length; 2-7/8" (73mm)
  • Jaw Width; 1/8" (3mm)

Also referred to as Chain Nose Side Cutting Pliers.

Made in Germany.

Knipex 74 21 200 High Leverage 12 Degree Angled Head Diagonal Cutters allow for cutting access not available with conventional cutters.

High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape. 

Forged-on axle for heaviest duty. 

Precision cutting edges additionally hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC.

Suitable for all types of wire including piano wire.

Knipex 74 21 200 High Leverage Angled Head Diagonal Cutters cut:
Cuts 4.2mm Nails and Medium Hard Wire, 3mm Hard Wire and 2.5mm Piano Wire. 

Made in Germany.

Knipex 002008US2, 00 20 08 US2, Universal Pliers Set with Cobra Pliers. 

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