Knipex 12 40 200 Wire Stripper 32-7 AWG Self-Adjusting Insulation Stripper

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Knipex 12 40 200 Self-Adjusting Insulation Stripper
Adjust by themselves. Insulate with one touch of the pliers.
Protect the conductor 
With these wire strippers, wire stripping is a piece of cake: insert cable, press the pliers handle, done.
The Knipex 12 40 200 has been specifically developed for solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors 
  • for single, multiple and fine-stranded wire cables with plastic or rubber insulation
  • adapts automatically to the respective cable cross-section preventing damage to the conductor
  • cutting depth can be adjusted for different insulation materials
  • with wire cutter for copper and aluminium wires, multiple stranded up to 7 AWG (10 mm²) and single stranded up to 10 AWG (6 mm²)
  • smoothly operating mechanism
  • replaceable blade and plastic clamping jaws
  • light weight
  • body: fiberglass-reinforced
  • blade: Special tool steel; oil-hardened
  • For thin ribbon cables up to 7 AWG (10.0 mm) width in a single pass

Knipex 12 40 200, 1240200, 1240-200 Self Adjusting Wire Strippers

Made in Germany

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