Knipex 73 71 180 TwinForce High Performance Diagonal Cutter 7"

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Knipex 73 71 180 TwinForce High Performance Diagonal Cutter. Ideal transmission of force due to double-hinged design. Extremely easy cutting with little strain: cuts again 50 % easier than the tried and tested KNIPEX high leverage diagonal cutters. Reliably cuts all types of wire, including steel tape. Versatile for rough or very fine cutting. Low cutting impact: gentle on hands. The tension on muscles and tendons is relieved. Provides comfortable cutting especially for repetitive cutting or extremely hard cutting jobs. High degree of stability and zero-backlash due to precisely milled forged-in axles. Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged and oil-hardened.

Knipex 73 71 180 Twin Force High Performance Diagonal Cutters Cut: Cuts 5.5mm Soft Wire, 4.6mm Nails and Medium Hard Wire, 3.2mm Hard Wire and 3mm Piano Wire. Length: 7" (180mm) Made in Germany

Knipex 73 71 180, 7371180, 7371-180 TwinForce Diagonal Cutters 7"

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