Lindstrom 8144RX Ergonomic Flush Cutter with Small Tapered Head

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Lindstrom 8144RX Mini Diagonal Flush Cutter with Small Tapered Head and Ergonomic Handles with Biospring.

Lindstrom RX series represent the very best in cutters and pliers.

The exclusive Micro-Touch™ handles makes possible complete hand control for precision work.

Exclusive Biospring® reduces spring tension during work which reduces fatigue.

Tension and opening width can be adjusted to suit.

The slightly rounded and wider profile of the RX handle allows for even surface distribution and superior hand contact.

  • Overall length: 135.5mm (5.33")
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 1.25mm (.05")- 16ga

Made in Sweden

Lindstrom 8144RX Ergonomic Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Flush Cut and Tapered Head.

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