Orbis 9O 21-150 Angled Long Nose Pliers 8-3/4" (220mm)

$35.22 $51.08


Knipex-Werk Orbis 9O 21 150 Angled Long Nose Pliers

25 degree angled head design offers a more comfortable working position for the hand while allowing greater visibility into the work area.

Multiple jaw holding zones provide a secure grip on multiple shapes and sizes of work pieces.

Integrated wire cutter will cut soft to medium hard wire.

Serrated jaws provide a superior holding capability.

Forged from special tool steel for greater strength.

Made in Germany.

Orbis is a division of the German KNIPEX Group that specializes in the manufacturing and development of high quality tools.

Orbis 9O 21 150, 9O 21-150, 9O21-150 SBA Angled Long Nose Pliers

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