Wera 932/6 Chiseldriver Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver Set 05018282006

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Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus Chiseldriver Screwdriver Set contains:

4 Slotted (9/64", 5/32", 7/32", 9/32") and 2 Phillips (#1, #2) Screwdrivers.

The chiseldriver is the solution for jobs that require more than just screwdriving.

For fastening, chiseling and loosening seized screws or hose clamps.

Wera Chiseldriver has a pound-thru hexagon blade made from high-grade material for zero-loss transfer of high forces when struck with a hammer.

Extra torque can be transferred by attaching a wrench to the integrated hexagon bolster.

The Kraftform handle has been designed to fit snugly in your hand and prevents blisters and calluses.

The handle hard zones allow the hand to easily glide during hand repositioning.

The softer, anti-slip zones ensure full force transfer through the grip.

The integral hex shoulder stops the tool from rolling away at the workplace.

Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus Chiseldriver Screwdriver Set includes:
Wera 05018260002 (932-96403)
Slotted 3.5mm (9/64") x 80mm (3-3/16") Blade (Overall 6-1/2")

Wera 05018262002 (932-53203)
Slotted 4.5mm (5/32")x 90mm (3-1/2") Blade (Overall 7")
Wera 05018264003 (932-73204)
Slotted 5.5mm (7/32") x100mm (4") Blade (Overall 8")

Wera 05018266003 (932-93205)
Slotted 7mm(9/32")x 125mm (5") Blade (Overall 9")
Wera 05017005002 (917-PH103)
Phillips #1 x 80mm (3-3/16") Blade (Overall 7")

Wera 05017010002 (917-PH204)
Phillips #2 x 100mm (4") Blade (Overall 8")

Wera 932/6 05018282006, 5018282006, 018282006
Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver Set
Kraftform Plus Chiseldriver Series 900

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