Wiha 61662 MaxiFlex Contractors Water Proof Folding Ruler Inch/Metric

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Wiha's MaxiFlex Folding Ruler is the heavy-duty ruler professionals need in their tool collection. The ruler features a 10-section collapsible design for easy portability and folds out to a full 2-meters (78-47/64") with lock-in-place stop-joints at 0, 90, and 180-degrees.

The ruler is easy to read with black on yellow deep-embossed hatch marks.

The markings are on both sides and both edges for precise readings in 1/16th increments for clear and accurate measurements.

The MaxiFlex Ruler includes both metric and standard scales and is molded with 30% fiberglass material to make the ruler tough and impact-resistant yet flexible. The material is waterproof, chemical resistant, and stands up to everyday wear and tear for long service life.

  • 2-meters (78-47/64-inches) long fully extended and 9-inches long folded
  • Rigid 10 section design for solid construction that won't snap or bend
  • Lock-in-place stop-joints with stainless steel spring for 90 and 180-degrees angles
  • Black on yellow markings for clear visual measurement readings
  • Deep-embossed hatch marks on both sides and edges for precise readings in 1/16th increments
  • Molded with 30% fiberglass material for impact resistance and flexibility
  • Waterproof material for protection against deterioration and deformation
  • Chemical and surface abrasion resistance for long service life

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Made in Switzerland

Wiha 61662 MaxiFlex Double-Sided Folding Ruler

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