Xcelite 134CG Hard Wire Shear Cutter (Piano and Music)

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Xcelite 134CG Hard Wire Cutter

Cuts hard wire, piano wire, springs, control cables (single and multistrand), etc.

Hard wire cutter features patented, spring loaded hold-downs that keep the material at 90° to the tool blade. This allows the shear cutting action to ensure square cut ends, prevents the material from forcing the jaws apart and captures the material on both sides of the jaw to eliminate flying pieces.

Maximum hard wire capacity is .062" and stranded cable capacity is 1/16".

  • Shear cutting action
  • Ensures square cut ends
  • Captures material on both sides of jaw, eliminates flying segments
  • Patented spring loaded hold-down keeps material at 90 degree to tool blade
  • Prevents material from forcing jaws apart

Made in U.S.A.

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