Xcelite 3CSK-BR Brown 3 Step Coaxial Wire Stripper Kit

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Xcelite 3CSK-BR Brown 3 Step Coaxial Wire Stripper Kit

It is the fastest 3-step accurate coax-stripping system.

Coaxial cable from .10” to .30” (1.87-7.6mm) in thickness (RG178 to RG6) cab be stripped in seconds. It also removes dielectric, braid and outside insulation.

Cassettes can be changed in seconds.

  • Full 3-step kit designed for user who strips many different size cables
  • Contains 3CBR cassette, 4 V-blocks, hex wrench and instruction sheets
  • Covers strip length of 5/16 inches - 11/32 inches
Blade Spacing Second Layer: 0.328"
Blade Spacing Third Layer: 0.109"
Capacity: 0.10-0.30"
Includes: 3CBR Cassettes, 4 V-Blocks, Hex Wrench, Instruction Sheets
Strip Length: 5/16-11/32"
Type: 3-Step


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