Knipex 00 20 06 US1 Cobra Pliers 3 Piece Set 7", 10" and 12"

$129.12 $182.26


Knipex 00 20 06 US1 Cobra Pliers Set contains Knipex Cobra Pliers 87 01 180 (7"), 87 01 250 (10"), and 87 01 300 (12"). Knipex Cobra Pliers provide fast adjustment directly on the workpiece: fast and comfortable handling. Fine adjustment ensures optimum adjustment to differently sized workpieces and user- friendly handle position. Fast adjustment by pushing a button directly on the workpiece. Self-locking, on pipes and nuts. Secure catching of the hinge bolt: no unintentional shifting. No unintentional shift of the gripping jaws and no slipping of the joint. Favorable lever action for optimum transmission of force. Guard prevents operators' fingers from being pinched. Instant adjusting memory button retains jaw opening for repetitive work. Box joint design high stability because of double guide.

Knipex 002006, 002006US1

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