Wera 028160 1/4" Bit Holding Screwdriver with Flexible Shaft Kraftform 392

$25.20 $29.67


Wera Kraftform 392 Flexible Shaft Bitholding Screwdriver, Hexagon 1/4" Head x 7" (177mm) Shaft

Blade Length: 7" (177mm)

Overall Length: 11"

Features Wera quick-release 1/4" chuck with single-hand technology and flexible shaft.

Kraftform multi-component handle, with hard and soft zones, fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high-speed torque transfer

Anti-roll protection at base of handle stops screwdrivers from rolling away at the workplace

Handle markings include screw symbol and size of tip to easily find the right screwdriver

Made in Czech Republic.

Wera   05028160001, 392 Series, 392-BH7

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