Vim Tools MRBITBASE Magrail Bit Organizer, holds 38 Standard or Power Shank Tools, Magnetic Base

$29.23 $39.97


Vim Tools MRBITBASE Magrail Magnetic Bit Holder for all 1/4" Hex Bits, Power Shank Tools

  • Holds 38 - 1/4" hex inset bits or power shank bits
  • 8" long super strong magrail base
  • Keeps bits close at hand and organized
  • Attaches to any steel surface
  • Replaces bulky and cumbersome plastic cases
  • Will hold a wide variety of other metal objects with a diameter less than 1/4"
  • Strong enough magnetic base to hold objects vertical or upside down

Length: 8" 

Width; 1" 

Height: 3/4"

Vim Tools MRBITBASE Magrail Magnetic Bit Organizer with Super Strong Magnetic Base

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