Atrix 31681 Long Vacuum Stretch Hose Stretches 58" to 16' Toner Proof ESD Safe

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Atrix 31681 ESD Safe Vacuum Stretch Hose stretches from 58.15" to 16'. Compatible with Atrix VACOSE110 Omega Supreme Electronics Vacuum. Universally compatible with Atrix Omega and Express Series Vacuums as well as SCS/3M 497 Series Vacuums.

STRONG MATERIAL - The Atrix vacuum hose is made of a strong carbon impregnated PVC hose ends, PVC/TPU Material, and 0.047 diameter hard drawn spring steel coil for the interior of the hose.

STRETCH AND ADJUSTABLE SIZE HOSE - The ESD safe vacuum hose has a range of 58" to 16'. This allows for easy storage when not in use, as well as the ability to reach those hard to reach places.

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