Atrix VACOSE110NOA Vacuum Only No Hose or Attachments

$271.84 $340


Atrix VACOSE110NOA Vacuum Only No Hose or Attachments


The Quietest, Most Powerful Service Vacuum Available!

Atrix VACOSE110 Field Service Vacuum Cleaner is an upgraded version of their popular VACOMEGAS model Omega Supreme Electronic Vacuum Cleaner.

Model VACOSE110 adds an EMI/RFI suppressor for reducing power line noise while working around today's high-tech electronic equipment.

Atrix VACOSE110 is 15% more powerful than SCS/3M 497 Series Vacuum, also significantly quieter.

VACOSE110NOA  is vacuum only no hose or attachments included.

Three year warranty.

Made in U.S.A.

Atrix VACOSE110NOA includes:

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