Bondhus 94205 Screw Grab Friction Drops

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Bondhus 94205 Screw Grab® Friction Drops

  • Increase torque by up to 800%
  • Tools "Grab" to removed deformed screw heads or rounded hex's and sockets
  • Works instantly
  • Easy to use, wipes clean
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

A single dab of SCREW GRAB® creates a positive grip between metal surfaces (tests have shown as high as 800%) that virtually eliminates tool wear or rounding and deforming of fasteners.


Works on:

  • Rounded or deformed heads
  • Seized, rusted or hard-to-reach spots
  • Sloppy or mis-matched sockets
  • Stops bit from turning in a chuck
  • Prevent tool wear


APPROVED for use on Boeing Airline Jets, Military Fighter Jets & the RAF, resulting in SIGNIFICANT LABOR COST REDUCTION in time & efficiency for service departments.

WON THE AWARD OF DISTINCTION FOR INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS from "Retailers Choice Awards", selected by the National Hardware Show and the Retailers Choice Committee.

Bondhus 94205 Screw Grab Friction Drops

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