Crawford Basic Copier Tool Kit - 40-BP4 in 4-Panel Backpack Zipper Tool Case

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Includes a basic but versatile assortment of top quality tools for servicing copiers, and business machines.

40-BP4 includes the ToolPak™ #03100 4-Panel backpack tool case, which measures 19" x 14" x 5" with 60 tool-organizing places. This high-quality wearable zipper tool case is constructed of waterproof 1200 denier polyester nylon, with ergonomic design, leatherette-wrapped handles and heavy duty zippers.

The four panels included in the case are:

  • Document Panel - 14" x 16" pocket with Velcro closure to hold documents, manuals, large tools or a 14"-wide laptop computer.
  • Screwdriver Panel - Designed for screwdrivers and other long and thin tools up to 18" in length. This panel has 30 tool holders in two rows of 15. Lower pockets are secured by a full-width flap closure.
  • Utility Panel - Six upper pockets hold pliers and other similarly-shaped tools, with four large lower pockets. One lower pocket will accept a hammer, while the remaining three lower pockets are secured with a Velcro flap as on the Screwdriver Panel.
  • Wrench Panel - Seven lower wrench pockets for large wrenches, seven upper wrench pockets for medium-sized wrenches, and seven small pockets for smaller wrenches and other similarly-sized tools

The front of the case features two zippered pockets measuring 9" x 13" x 2" and 8" x 13" x 2".

The back of the base features ergonomically-designed padded shoulder straps with gear loops.


All hand tools carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Also available in other case configuration options:

Click here for CT400 Tools Only - all tools included in this kit, but without a case

Brands included:

3M, Bondhus, Crawford, Durston (VIM), Vise-Grip, and Felo brand German precision screwdrivers. Available in a wide range of both hard cases and zipper cases.

Tool List

Whether you want to replace a specific item in your 40 Series kit, or you just want to add one of these items to a different kit, you can find every item included in this kit below. Click each item image to travel to that product's purchase page.

ToolPak 03100 4-Panel Backpack Zipper Tool Case

GC 5004 Alignment Tool, Plastic

Crawford 65004 Bottle, 4oz Flip Top

Flambeau 3003 Plastic Parts Box

Crawford 1649-BW Brush, Brass Tooth

Crawford 286-4 Brush, Sash

Crawford 870612 Cable Ties, 6"

Crawford DW3 Desolder Wick

Crawford 25025 Feeler Gauge, Metric & Standard

Crawford 85602 File, Needle

Crawford FLTHP2AAA High Power L.E.D. Flashlight, "AAA"

Crawford 12-011 Forceps, Straight

Crawford 54-311 Hammer, Ball Pein 4oz

Bondhus 12146 Hex Keys, Metric

Crawford 81020 Knife, Retractable Snap-Off Blade

Johnson 500 Level, Pocket 5"

Bondhus 38470 Nutdriver, 7mm

Bondhus 38472 Nutdriver, 8mm


Crawford 8502 Pliers, Diagonal 5"

Crawford 8616 Pliers, Long Nose 6"

Crawford 8038 Pliers, Retaining Ring Int/Ext

Vise-Grip 4LN Pliers, Long Nose

Mayhew 21702 Punch, Drive Pin 3/32"

General 305ME Rule, Metric & Standard

Felo 32348-PS4 Screwdriver, Magnetic w/Bits

Felo 57557 Screwdriver, Offset Phillips + Slot


Felo 22106 Screwdriver, Phillips #0 x 2" 

Felo 22107 Screwdriver, Phillips #1 x 3"

Felo 22112 Screwdriver, Phillips #2 x 8"

Felo 22092 Screwdriver, Slot 1/8" x 2"

Elenco LF99 Lead Free Solder

Crawford 25W3 Soldering Iron, 25W 3-Wire

Crawford 25006 Spring Hook, Puller/Pusher

3M 1615 Electrical Tape

Crawford 8101S Wire Strippers

Vim Tools VM50 Miniature Open-End Metric Wrench Set 8 Piece 4mm to 9mm



The following multimeters are an excellent additional companion you may elect to add to your 40 Series kit.

Click to travel to each respective product page for more information and to purchase.

Amprobe AM-510 Commercial / Residential Multimeter

Amprobe 5XP-A Compact Digital Multimeter, 10 Functions 27 Ranges

Amprobe 15XP-B Autoranging Digital Multimeter TTL Logic Test for Digital Circuits

Amprobe 34XR-A True RMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter with Temperature and Backlit Display

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