Crawford Tool SH5 Spring Hook 5 Piece Set

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An excellent collection of our most popular spring hook tools.


Crawford Tool 25008 Captive-Style Spring Hook

Crawford Tool 25008 has a very small spring loaded hook.

Hook extends by pressing blue plunger.
Spring return captures and holds small wires, springs etc..
Ideal for installing and removing fine springs and wires.
Excellent for stringing corona wires.
Overall Length: 7-1/4"

Crawford Tool 25006 IBM-Style Spring Hook Push/Pull

Crawford Tool 25006 has Pull Hook on one end and Push Fork on the other.

Not to be confused with cheap imitations.

Puller/Pusher 8"
Stainless Steel
Knurled Body
Extra Strong and Durable
Made in U.S.A.

Crawford Tool 25002 Spring Hook Tool Puller Long 11"

Crawford Tool 25002 Long Spring Hook Tool has Pull Hook on one end.
Puller 11"
Smooth Body
Strong and Durable

Crawford Tool 25004 Spring Hook Tool Puller and Pusher Long 11"

Crawford Tool 25004 Long Spring Hook Tool has an S shaped hook on one end for pushing or pulling springs.
Pusher/Puller 11"
Smooth Body
Strong and Durable

Crawford Tool 25005 Spring Hook Tool Puller 6-1/2" with Handle Loop

Crawford Tool 25005 Pull Hook with Oval Handle Loop. 
Puller 6-1/2"
Smooth Body
Strong and Durable

Springhook set of 5

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