Felo 61391 Ergonic XXL-Rack Screwdriver Set Slot, Phillips, Square, Torx with Steel Rack

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FELO 61391 17 Piece Ergonic Screwdriver Set with Steel Rack


Slotted (5) 1/8" (3mm), 5/32" (4mm), 7/32" (5.5mm), 1/4" (6.5mm), 5/16" (8mm)

Phillips (2) #1 and #2 Ergonic Screwdrivers

Square (2) #1 and #2 Ergonic Screwdrivers

Torx (4) T10, T15, T20, T25 Ergonic Screwdrivers

Slotted VDE 1000V (2) 9/64", 5/32" Ergonic VDE Screwdriver

Phillips VDE 1000V (2) #1 and #2 Ergonic VDE Screwdrivers

Steel Rack with mounting holes

Felo Ergonic, the first handle that adapts to the users hand.

The impact proof handle core is coated with elastic, scratch resistant elastomer containing cells of highly flexible plastics.

The ergonomic handle fits perfectly into the hand at all times.

Hand and handle interlock, causing less strain and work fatigue, allowing higher maximum torque!

Responsiveness of material results in enhanced sensitivity and perfect control of torque.

High quality blades manufactured from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel.

Superior torque which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements by up to 100%

Black tip for precision fit. Screw symbols on handle cap. Hanging hole for easy storage or inserting lever. Anti-roll handle design.

Made in Germany

Felo 61391, 400 927 43, 40 07157 61391 2 Ergonic XXL-Rack 17 Piece Set

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