Felo 61585 Ergonic Stubby with Built in Adaptor for 1/4" Bit holder, 1/4" Power Bits etc.

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Felo 61585 Ergonic Stubby w/ adaptor for bitholder 1/4".

Ergonic cushion grip stubby 1/4" power bit holder.

Adaptable to any 1/4" hex quick connect bit or extension. Non magnetic design does not hold standard 1/4" short bits.

Use with 2" or longer quick change bits (power bits), magnetic bit holders, socket adaptors, power adaptors etc. 

Works great with:

Length: 2.4"

Made in Germany 

Included in the following sets:

 Felo 61585, 438 025 40, 40 07157 61585 5, Ergonic Stubby Handle 1/4", Ergonic Stubby w/ Adaptor for Bitholder 1/4", Stubby Power Bit Holder, 



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