Felo 64643 Ergonic K Ratchet, Pivoting Screwdriver 20 Piece Super Versatile Box Set with Long Magnetic Extension, Power Bits Phillips/Slot/Square/Torx and Inch Sockets

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Felo 64643 Ergonic K Handle Ratcheting Screwdriver Box Set contains:

  • Felo 64539 innovative Ergonic K Ratchet, Pivoting Screwdriver (1/4” Hex)
  • Phillips Bits: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3 x 50mm (2”)
  • Slotted Bit: 1/4" x 50mm (2”)
  • Torx Bits: T15, T20, T25, T30 x 50mm (2”)
  • Square Bits: SQ1, SQ2, SQ3 x 50mm (2”)
  • 1/4" Hex to Square adapter (for use with 1/4" sockets)
  • 1/4" Drive Sockets: 7/32", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 9/16"
  • Bit Holder 1/4" x 6" (150mm)
  • High quality storage case with foam inlay

Fast, strong and swiveling – the advantages of ratchet, swivel head screwdriver and ERGONIC handle combined in one tool

Fast, strong and versatile

ERGONIC K is a unique combination of the patented ERGONIC handle, and a high performance ratchet with 180° pivoting mechanism and ¼” quick release bitholder.

The handle has a patented design with flexible cushions that adapt to the user’s hand, making work more comfortable at every torque.

While the ratchet (60 teeth) speeds up work, the pivoting mechanism helps to work on difficult to reach screws and withstands extremely high torques (>50Nm).

The swivel mechanism works in 4 angles without need to remove the bit.

Made in Germany

Felo 64643 Ergonic K Handle Ratcheting Screwdriver Box Set 20 Pieces

Also available in metric sizes as Felo 64517 Ergonic K Ratchet, Pivoting Screwdriver 20 Piece Box Set with Phillips/Slot/Torx/Hex Metric Bits and Metric Sockets

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