INX 6132-6PK RubberKleen Rubber Roller Cleaner and Rejuvinator 32 Ounce Can - Case of 6 ($27.69) ea)

$166.14 $239.70


INX RubberKleen rubber cleaner and rejuvenator is formulated to quickly penetrate rubber components and surfaces, open rubber pores and safely cut and remove contaminants. This powerful cleaning solution deep cleans and reconditions rubber to a like-new condition, plus dries quickly leaving no film or residue.

Read and follow safety precautions before use. Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available for download by clicking HERE

RubberKleen is Great for: Business Machine Rubber Rollers, Rubber Components and Metal Parts.

Use INX RubberKleen to clean paper feed roller systems on copiers, calculators, fax machines, laser printers, mailroom equipment, ATM machines, typewriters and other business machines. highly effective for cleaning metal parts such as stainless steel, chrome and aluminum. Economical and very low-odor. Printing Press Rollers, Blankets and Back Cylinders

RubberKleen Easily and quickly penetrates and cuts the most hardened dried ink, gum, glaze, and crystallized varnish from rubber rollers and blankets. Deep-cleaning properties emulsify and enable removal of calcium buildup on rollers.

RubberKleen Restores lithographic blanket surfaces to like-new condition (color, height, and texture) for extended life.

RubberKleen is Excellent for cleaning press frames, back cylinders and chrome rollers where strong cleaning action and fast-dry properties are required. Fastest cleanup from black to color inks including single wash for metallic inks.

RubberKleen Reconditions and restores rollers to a velvety smooth condition for fine-film ink pick-up and lay-down.

Fast-acting solution significantly reduces operational cleanup time, saving money.

Case of 6 ($27.69) each x 6 = $166.14)

Please note that due to federal regulations, this product must ship via Ground ONLY.

Also available as a single can - Click here for INX 6132

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