Irega 92WR-8 Adjustable Wrench 8" with Reversible Jaw and Xtra Wide Opening for Nuts, Bolts, Pipes, Round Objects etc.

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Irega 92WR-8 Reversible Jaw 8" Adjustable Wrench with Extra Wide Opening.  

Professional multipurpose adjustable wrench, it can work on any object with cylindrical shape.

Reversible Jaw for working on pipes. 

Jaw capacity: 1-5/16" (34mm) 

Overall Length: 8"

Greater jaw capacity supports larger nuts, bolts and pipes.

Thinner jaws for greater access in tight areas.

Longer jaws grip better.

4 thread knurl & non-protruding jaws provide greater capacity; minimal head width improves performance in confined spaces.

Measurement scales (inches on front, millimeters on reverse) are handy for sizing bolts, nuts, pipe, and tube diameters.

Chrome Vanadium steel construction.

A Reversible Jaw with Xtra Capacity allows working with bigger diameter nuts and pipes with the same adjustable wrench.

Manufactured according to the most stringent International Standards and exceeding UNE 16532:2002; ISO 6787:2001; BS ISO 6787:2001; ASME B107.100-2010 (B107.8); DIN 3117.

Made in Spain.

Irega 92WR-8 Xtra Wide Adjustable Wrench 8" with Reversible Jaw.

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