Knipex 16 20 16 SB Cable Stripper Dismantling Tool 4mm - 16mm with Scalpel Blade

$28.11 $44.12


Knipex 16 20 16 SB Dismantling Tool 4-16mm

  • For stripping all common round cables
  • Self-tightening holding lever
  • With adjusting screw for cutting depth adjustment
  • Turnable blade for circular and longitudinal cutting
  • Spare blade inside the handle
  • Secure grip due to soft component material on handle and holding lever to avoid slipping
  • Housing: plastic, impact-proof

 Length: 130mm

Knipex 16 20 16 SB, 162016SB Dismantling Tool 4-16mm with Scalpel Blade

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