Knipex 40 14 250 Universal Grip 10" Locking Pliers with Pivoting Bottom Jaw

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Knipex 40 14 250 10" Universal Grip Pliers with Pivoting Bottom Jaw

Unique design with pivoting bottom jaw that automatically adjusts to the workpiece no matter the shape; round, square, hex or flat.

  • Adjustment screw and release lever for easy use
  • Tightly holds round or flat material
  • Jaw capacity - up to 1 11/16" for round material, up to 1 5/8" for square stock and up to 1 3/4" for hex
  • Perfect for one-handed operation
  • High clamping pressure due to toggle lever action
  • Pliers body rolled steel, high-strength
  • Gripping jaws chrome vanadium electric steel; forged
  • Heavy-duty tool for long life

Length: 10" (250mm)

Made in Germany

Knipex 40 14 250, 4014-250, 4014250 Universal Grip 10"  Locking Pliers with Pivoting Bottom Jaw.


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