Knipex 49 11 A0 Precision External Retaining Ring (Circlip) Pliers .035" Tip Diameter for 3-10mm Shafts

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Knipex 4911A0 Circlip Pliers for external retaining rings, circlips.

Knipex 49 11 A0 Dimensions:
Overall Length: 140mm (5-1/2")
For Shafts: 3-10mm (1/8"-3/8")
Tip Diameter: 0.9mm (.035")
Made in Germany. Knipex 49 11 A0, 4911A0, 4911-A0 Circlip Pliers.

Knipex Circlip Pliers For external retaining rings, circlips. 

Inserted tips of high density drawn spring wire. 

Heavy duty under continuous use; up to 10 times longer service life. 

Precise, smoothly-operating screw joint. 

Large contact faces on the tips: no distortion of circlips, easy fitting. 

Slim head style allows use in confined areas. 

Protected captive spring in the joint. 

Handles with non-slip plastic coating. 

Chrome Vanadium electric steel. 

Made in Germany.

Made in Germany. Knipex 49 11 A0, 4911A0, 4911-A0 Circlip Pliers.  


Knipex 49 11 A0, 4911A0, KN 49 11 A0, Retaining Ring Pliers.

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