Knipex 74 01 140 5-1/2" High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

$29.24 $48.30


Knipex 74 01 140 high leverage diagonal cutters require little effort due to proper coordination of cutting edge angle, leverage ratio, and handle shape. Forged-on axle for heaviest duty.  Suitable for all types of wire including piano wire. High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape. Precision cutting edges additionally hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC. Knipex 74 01 140
Cuts 3.1mm Nails and Medium Hard Wire, 2mm Hard Wire and 1.5mm Piano Wire.  Made in Germany.

Also known as "dikes" or "dike cutters".

Knipex 7401140, 7401-140

Included in Knipex 9K0372 Plier Set

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