Lube-All LA2 2 Ounce Oiler with Flexible Spout and In Cap Shut-off Valve

$4.25 $6.25


Leak-Proof Oiler Dispensing Bottle with in cap shut-off Clear Polyethylene 2 ounce bottle with 5" long fine tip flexible spout and in cap shut-off valve' Also available in larger 4 ounce version (LA4). Long fine tipped flexible spout allows precise application in hard-to-reach areas.

LA2 (L250) Lube-All Leak Proof Plastic Squeeze Oiler with 5" flexible spout and in-cap shut-off valve.

Overall length from bottom of bottle to tip of spout is 10". Made in U.S.A.

Phadean Products L250 Lube-All 2 oz. Leak-Proof Oiler.

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