Probe Master 2018E Extendable Tip Test Lead Set

$25.90 $28.50


The Extendable Tip Probe permits testing in those hard to reach areas.

The tips are fully insulated with durable Kynar. This prevents accidental shorting of adjacent components. 

The tip is gold plated stainless steel and very sharp, allowing for penetration of conformal coatings.

The 48" long, 18GA. meter leads, are made of top quality burn resistant silicone with sharp gold plated tips. 

Retractable Banana Plug.

Tip extended length 2.75"

0.60" Tip Diameter

Made in U.S.A.

For use with Fluke, Amprobe and most digital and analog multimeters.

Probe Master, Probemaster 2018E Extendable Test Lead Set with Sharp Gold Plated Points.

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