SCS/3M SV-MPF2 Type 2 Vacuum Filter for Toner and Dust 78-8005-5350-1

$19.88 $25.26


SCS formerly 3M SV-MPF2 Type 2 Filter for Toner and Dust is used in a wide variety of applications including removing toner from laser printers and copy machines.

This pleated filter is encased in plastic making it durable and easily disposable. Replacing a full filter is easy and clean.

Made in U.S.A.

SCS # SV-MPF2 (78-8005-5350-1) Type 2 Filter for Toner and Dust.

Formerly 3M # SV-MPF2

SVMPF2, Vacuum Filter, Filter Type 2, For Toner and Dust

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