Tri-Flow TF21013 Superior Dry Lubricant 2 oz Squeeze Drip Bottle

$6.39 $9.42


Tri-Flow TF21013 Superior Dry Lubricant is an elite formula created for dry and dusty conditions.

Plastic bottle with drip drop applicator.

TriFlow Superior Dry Lubricant features paraffin wax and high-grade petroleum oil to allow the lube to go on wet, but then set up in a dry, 'wax-Like' film so it will not attract grit and grime.

Perfect for dry, dirty, dusty conditions, while still providing adequate wet weather performance.

TriFlow Dry Lubricant holds up to extreme pressure and resists water wash-off.

Provides incredible efficiency without attracting an excessive amount of contaminant.

TF 21013 Tri-Flow is formulated with P.T.F.E.

Please note: due to federal regulations, this product ships via GROUND ONLY.

TriFlow TF21013 Two Ounce Squeeze Drip Bottle packaged 12 per case.

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