Vessel 220 P1 75 Cross Point #1 x 3" Blade (O.A.L. 6-1/4") Magnetic Ball Grip Screwdriver - Great for Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Screws

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Vessel 220 P1*75 Cross-Point (Phillips) #1 x 3" (75mm) Blade Magnetic Screwdriver 

Vessel's unique hybrid Cross Point design was born from the JIS specifications they helped establish,

but has been dimensionally refined to accommodate most industrial specifications including ANSI, DIN, and others. 

Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel blade with high precision black tip. Magnetic tip holds screws securely.

The unique ball shaped handle combines maximum power transmission with smooth speed and excellent leverage.

Blade Length: 3” (75mm)

Overall length: 6-1/4”

Vessel 220P1-75 Magnetic Phillips #1, Cross-Point #1  Screwdriver with Ball Grip

220P175, 220 P1 75, 4907587075710

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