Vim Tools HBR12 1/4" Locking Flex Head Bit Ratchet 12" with Removeable 1/4" Square Drive Adapter

$48.23 $69.23


Vim Tools HBR12 Extra Long 1/4" Drive Flexible Double-Ended Ratchet 12"

Dual Drive Hex Bit ratchet Wrench with removable 1/4" square drive adapter

One end fixed, the other end pivots between 180°

Flexible end includes push button lock and release pivoting feature.

Reversible 72-tooth gear heads on each end with individual switches.

The ratchet is designed to work with all 1/4’’ hex bits, and 1/4’’ drive sockets with included adapter.

The quick-disk on the drive head allows for quick tightening or loosening of fasteners when ratcheting is not required.

Both ends are 1/4" hex drive with magnetic bit retention.

Removable 1/4" square drive adapter for use in either end


 Vim Tools HBR12 12 ” XL Hex Bit Ratchet, 1/4″ hex drive, one end flex and lock

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