Vim Tools MR8B Magrail Magnetic Rail 8" Blue, No Studs

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Vim Tools MR8B Magrail Magnetic Rail 8" Blue

Magnetic Track, Without Studs

Strong Neodymium Magnets

Anodized Aerospace Aluminum Base

Low Profile Base 3/16” Tall X 1” x 8" Long

Will Hold Fully Loaded Sockets and/or Hand Tools In Any Position

Magnetic Front and Back

Length: 8" 

Width; 1" 

Height: 3/16"

Use alone or with optional Socket Studs and T Bolts and other accessories

Vim Tools MR-SA  Studs and T Bolts 1/4" for Magrail 10 Pack

Vim Tools MR-SB  Studs and T Bolts 3/8" for Magrail 10 Pack

 Vim Tools MR8B Magrail Magnetic Rail

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