Wera 3334/6 Stainless Steel Lasertip Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver Set + Rack

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Wera 3334/6 Kraftform Stainless Lasertip Screwdriver Set contains 4 Slotted (1/8", 5/32", 7/32", 1/4") and 2 Phillips (#1, #2) Screwdrivers.

The use of stainless steel tools prevents the formation of extraneous rust on stainless steel screws or surfaces.

Lasertip Screwdrivers have a micro-rough surface on the tip of the blade.

The drive end literally bites into the head of the screw. the advantage is less slipping, fewer scratches, higher torque transfer and less screwdriving effort.

The Kraftform handle has been designed to fit snugly in your hand and prevents blisters and calluses.

The handle hard zones allow the hand to easily glide during hand repositioning.

The softer, anti-slip zones ensure full force transfer through the grip.

The integral hex shoulder stops the tool from rolling away at the workplace.

Handle markings include a screw symbol and the size of the tip to help you easily find the right screwdriver your tool bag or at the workplace.

Wera 3334/6 Kraftform Stainless Lasertip Screwdriver Set includes:

  • Wera 05032001002 (3335-1803) Slotted 3mm (1/8") x 80mm (3-3/16") Blade (Overall 6-1/2")
  • Wera 05032003002 (3335-53204) Slotted 4mm (5/32")x 100mm (4") Blade (Overall 8")
  • Wera 05032004002 (3335-73205) Slotted 5.5mm (7/32") x125mm (5") Blade (Overall 9")
  • Wera 05032005002 (3334-1406) Slotted 6.5mm(1/4")x 150mm (6") Blade (Overall 10")
  • Wera 05032021002 (3350-PH103) Phillips #1 x 80mm (3-3/16") Blade (Overall 7")
  • Wera 05032022002 (3350-PH204) Phillips #2 x 100mm (4") Blade (Overall 8")

Wera 3334/6, 05032060001, 032060

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