Wiha 10627 11mm System 6 Nut Driver Blade

$1.50 $6.40


Wiha 10627 11mm Nutdriver Blade on 6mm hex stock

Blade length; 5-1/2"

Works great with optional Wera V6-1 (05002900001) Vario 80 Handle & V6-T T-Handle.

Wera V6-1 handle allows friction fit adjustable blade lengths from 2-1/2" to 5"

Wera V6-T Vario 95 T- Handle friction fit blade lengths from 4" to 5-1/4" 

• Precision Machined Exact Fit Tips
• Made from Wiha CRM-72 Special Tool Steel
• Through Hardened For Maximum Durability
• Blades fit all System 6 handles

Made in Germany.

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