Wiha 91118 Black Canvas Tool Pouch for Sets

$2 $6.34


Wiha 91118 Black Canvas Tool Pouch with 8 compartments for storing

Wiha Drive-Loc Blade Sets, small handle tools, tweezers, needle files, etc.

  • Crafted of rugged polyester canvas
  • Features 8 compartments
  • Fits tools up to 170mm in length
  • Interior top-flap keeps tools secure and protected
  • Velcro Closure keeps the pouch securely closed
  • Measures 14.5” x 7.75”

Genuine Wiha product but not as meticulously made as you would expect.

Works well and is very popular.

Made in China

Also available: older discontinued green style Wiha 91118G - same pouch with different color material and older Wiha logo.

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