Witte 653864 Maxx 6 Piece Set, 4 Slotted and 2 Phillips New Grip Style

$45.10 $69.96


Witte 653864 Maxx Screwdriver Set contains:
4 Slotted and 2 Phillips Blade Screwdrivers.

New Maxx Screwdrivers replace the old MaxxPro Screwdrivers

Witte Maxx Screwdrivers are made in Germany with superior quality high alloy special steel for exceptional strength and durability.

The proven triangle shape corresponds exactly to the ideal turning angle of the hand (120 °). 

Witte 653864 Maxx Screwdriver Set includes:

Witte 653864, 9T 653864, 843221007942 Maxx Screwdriver Set 6 Piece

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