WITTE 663980 Maxx Plus Torx Screwdriver Set 6 Piece

$63.60 $79.58


Witte 663980 Maxx Plus Screwdriver Set contains:

6 Torx Blade Screwdrivers.

New Maxx Plus Handle Style, replaces the old MaxxPro Plus

Witte Maxx Plus Screwdrivers are made in Germany with superior quality high alloy special steel for exceptional strength and durability.

Equipped with a patented, slip-resistant flocked (micro fibred) surface panels, the MAXX PLUS screwdriver is the perfect tool for working in oily or wet conditions. Its remarkable ergonomics and its outstanding high torque are at their best under these more difficult conditions.

The proven triangle shape corresponds exactly to the ideal turning angle of the hand (120 °).

Witte 663980 MaxxPro Screwdriver Set includes:
Witte 63206 Torx T10 x (80mm) Blade (Overall 7")
Witte 63207 Torx T15 x (80mm) Blade (Overall 8-1/4")
Witte 63209 Torx T20 x (100mm) Blade (Overall 9-1/2")
Witte 63209 Torx T25 x (100mm) Blade (Overall 10-1/2")
Witte 63211 Torx T30 x (115mm) Blade (Overall 7-1/2")
Witte 63212 Torx T40 x (115mm) Blade (Overall 8-3/4")

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