Crawford Field Service Tool Kit - 67-G258 In Ultimate Gladiator 8" Deep Tool Case

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67 Series Standard Field Service Tool Kit contains a standard collection of top quality tools for a wide variety of service and maintenance applications, including; computer, electronic, medical, military and office equipment.

67-G258 includes our G258-WX Ultimate Gladiator 6" Tool Case. This premium quality tool case measures 18" x 13" x 8" and is built for years of every day field service.

Click here for more information about the G258-WX.

All hand tools carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Click here for CT670 Tools Only - all tools included in this kit, but without a case

Brands included:

3M, Bondhus, Crawford, Durston (VIM), Klein, Milbar, Ullman, Vise-Grip, Wiha and Felo Brand German Precision Screwdivers.

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Tool List

Whether you want to replace a specific item in your 67 Series kit, or you just want to add one of these items to a different kit, you can find every item included in this kit below. Click each item image to travel to that product's purchase page.

Crawford G258-WX Tool Case Ultimate Gladiator 8" with W and X Pallets
GC 5004 Alignment Tool, Plastic
Crawford 85603 File, Flat Needle 
Crawford 85607 File, Square Needle
Crawford 25025 Feeler Gauge, Metric & Standard
Crawford FLTHP2AAA High Power L.E.D. Flashlight, "AAA"
Crawford 54-311 Hammer, Ball Pein 4oz
Wiha 28488 Handle, Drive-Loc
Bondhus 10946 Ball End Metric Hex Key Set 6 Pieces 1.5mm to 5mm
Bondhus 10932 Ball End Inch Hex Key Set 8 Pieces .050" to 5/32"
Crawford 81020 Knife, Retractable Snap-Off Blade
Crawford 87419 Mirror, Telescoping
Wiha 28156 Nutdriver Blade, 3/16"
Wiha 28171 5.5mm Drive Loc Nutdriver Blade
Wiha 28158 Nutdriver Blade, 1/4"
Wiha 28159 Nutdriver Blade, 9/32"
Wiha 28160 Nutdriver Blade, 5/16"
Wiha 28161 Nutdriver Blade, 11/32"
Wiha 28162 Nutdriver Blade, 3/8"
Wiha 28163 Nutdriver Blade 7/16"
Wiha 28164 Nutdriver Blade 1/2"
Lube-All LA2 2 Ounce Oiler with Flexible Spout and In Cap Shut-off Valve
Crawford 8414 Pliers, Mini Diagonal
Crawford Tool 8602 Diagonal Cutters 6" Side Cutters Semi-Flush Cut
Crawford 8207 Pliers, Groove Joint 7"
Crawford Tool 8430 Mini Long Nose Pliers w/ Serrated Jaws Miniature Chain Nose Pliers
Crawford 8616 Pliers, Long Nose 6"
Imperial IR-38 Retaining Ring Pliers Convertible .038" Tip Diameter for External and Internal Retaining Rings (Milbar 12R)
Mayhew 24000 Punch, Center 1/4"
Mayhew 21701 Punch, Drive Pin 1/16"
Mayhew 21703 Punch, Drive Pin 1/8"
General Tools 305ME Stainless Steel Rule Metric and SAE 6"
Crawford 11-012 Electricians Scissors
Felo 30205 Screwdriver Bit, Phillips #2
Felo 30119 Screwdriver Bit, Slot 1/4"
Vim HBR3 Screwdriver, Offset Ratcheting
Felo 31772 Screwdriver, Phillips #00 x 2-3/8" Precision Jewelers Screwdriver
Felo 31774 Phillips #0 x 2-3/8" Precision Jewelers Screwdriver
Felo 52803 Phillips #1 x 3-1/8" Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 52805 Phillips #2 x 4" Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 61511 Phillips #2 x Stubby (7/8") Blade Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 31740 Screwdriver, Jewelers Slot 2mm x 2-3/8" Flat Blade Precision Jewelers Screwdriver
Felo 31742 Slotted 3/32" (2.5mm) x 2-3/8" Flat Blade Precision Jewelers Screwdriver
Felo 53117 Slotted 1/8" (3mm) x 3-1/8" (80mm) Flat Blade Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 53619 Slotted 3/16" (5.0mm) x 6" (150mm) Flat Blade Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 52799 Slotted 1/4" x 6" Flat Blade Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 64855 Slotted 1/4" (6.5mm) x Stubby (7/8") Flat Blade Ergonic Screwdriver
Felo 52801 Slotted 5/16" (8mm) x 7" (175mm) Flat Blade Ergonic Screwdriver
Crawford 25006 Spring Hook, Puller/Pusher
3M 1615 Electrical Tape
GC 8608 Trimpot Tool
Crawford 8412 Tweezer
Imperial IE-116 Adjustable Wire Strippers
Irega 92W-8 Xtra Wide Opening Adjustable Wrench 8"
Vim Tools V18 Miniature Open-End Wrench Set 8 Piece 13/64" to 3/8"

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